Schinias Olympic Rowing Center

Schinias Olympic Rowing Center

The Schinias Rowing Center began operation in 2004 and hosted the rowing events of the Athens Olympic Games.

The Rowing Center with a total length of 2250 meters and a capacity of 14,000 seats, is trying tentatively in the last few months to come into life again, as for six whole  years it was used  simply for conducting rowing and kayaking races, while it was operating as a training center for the national Greek teams.

In March 2011, the Marathon Rowing Kayaking Academy began operating. This Academy   gives the opportunity to children and adults to initiate in the secrets of this wonderful sport, while at the same place are organized various events such as cycling, triathlon and swimming.

The Olympic Center also offers hotel facilities, restaurant and fitness rooms, and hosts special groups from abroad who wish to accomplish their preparatory programs in Greece.

The Academy is part of the National Park of Schinias and during the migration season there is a large number of migratory birds arriving in one of the largest wetlands  remaining in Southern Greece and attracts the attention of visitors.

The Olympic Rowing Center is located next to the famous beach of Schinias.

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